If you are considering a remodel of your home or office, choosing the right materials can make a huge difference in quality, durability, and cost.

When it comes to a remodel or a new build, there are a lot of decisions that need to be made. From the design to the eco-friendliness to the cost, the customer and the contractor have a lot to discuss. And one of the most important things is choosing the right materials.

The process of choosing the right materials is something that several people will likely need to weigh in on. The architects and designers will certainly have an opinion, as will the contractors that are handling the actual work. They will want to make sure the materials being used are of high quality, meet their standards, and fit the style that is agreed upon. But ultimately it comes down to the customer, so it’s important to know your options.

To begin with, you’ll need to consider the cost vs quality. No one wants to skimp on quality, and no contractor worth their name will allow you to anyway. Once certain standards have been met, however, there is still a matter of what you want to pay, how you want it to look, and more.

Once you know the general type of material you want (concrete vs wood vs brick, etc.,), you’ll then need to decide on the specifics, something that will often come down to a combination of preference and necessity. Take wood, for example. Cedar is an excellent wood for most construction jobs – it is durable, repels most insects, and naturally resists rot. It is also more expensive than other types of wood, it can be flammable if not treated, and it requires re-staining every few years.

Compare that to Fir wood, one of the most common types of lumber around. It is sturdy, less expensive than cedar, and is ideal if you need especially long, single boards. It can also be easier to damage, unlike cherry which also offers a beautiful natural color, but can be very expensive. And then there’s maple, pine, walnut, etc., etc., etc. And that’s just wood. If you are looking at something like a stone foyer, marble sure looks great, but you’ll need to consider the weight and the cost versus one of the other several alternatives.

And along with the material, you should also consider where the material comes from. If sustainability is an issue for you, talk to your contractor about using sustainable materials that are from renewable sources. You can also look into recycled materials and more.

Choosing the right materials isn’t a simple task, and it’s not something you should do hastily. Talk to your contractor and ask for all your options. Look at samples and make sure you know the difference. It can help ensure you get the look you want, the durability you need, and a price you can afford.

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