Client Communication Guarantee

Excellent client communication is a term we value at Fleschner. Construction projects are often long and have many moving parts. Having a contractor who values and invests in programs to guarantee open, consistent and accountable communication makes your project an efficient and cost-effective endeavor. Co-Construct helps to keep all parties accountable and in communication for the duration of the project and beyond. Take a minute to learn about this groundbreaking platform and how it will help us, help you build your dreams.


Client Messaging

Direct email messaging and photo sharing with project managers and field team, so you are always in touch during every step of your project.

Updated Project Schedules

Up to date schedules for all work, including live to do list and project completion information

Remote Selection

Make product selections and review job specs from your smartphone or computer and submit/approve change orders

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“We had Fleschner Construction do an extensive remodel for us, and they did a fantastic job taking care of our home. We had purchased the house while still living in Austin, TX, and needed a contractor we could trust and work well with from a distance. Ashley and his team provided clear, realistic, and detailed estimates, and communicated well with us about what we wanted from our dream home. They updated both of our bathrooms, raised the ceiling in our kitchen, and updated the lighting and wiring through the house to add smart home features. We also threw a huge curveball at them during the planning phase of the project: we needed to add an elevator. They handled this new requirement with ease and delivered a home we are delighted with.”

Eric Tilton

“Ashley Fleschner (business owner) and his crew did a fantastic job on a master bathroom and kitchen remodeling project in my home last year.  From taking the time to scope out and bid the project, planning and estimating, staging, execution and follow-up, Fleschner Construction is definitely among the best of the construction and remodeling businesses in the greater Portland area.  Fleschner Construction also uses a unique, integrated and highly efficient way to keep their customers (and partners & subcontractors) in the communication loop that I have not seen used anywhere else around Portland.  If you have ever felt overwhelmed by the choices of contractors in the marketplace, you should, because there are many, and a fair amount of those contractors simply don’t measure up or come close to the standard of professionalism that Fleschner Construction exhibits, project after project.  Thanks again, Fleschner, for a job well done!”

Amar K.

“In the spring and summer of 2016, I hired Fleschner Construction to do some exterior and interior work to update my backyard and also my kitchen/family room.  These projects included some decorative fencing outdoors and updating to Quartz countertops, new wood flooring, new tile backsplash, new sink and faucet, and conversion to natural gas stove in my kitchen/family room.
The work was done with utmost skill and care, and I genuinely appreciated their input when decisions had to be made about the finishes.
I think one thing that makes them standout above their competition is the excellent communication with their customers about expectations, timelines, and daily work schedule.
I highly recommend this group of experts to handle any remodeling or construction project.

Linda B.


Change orders & expense tracking show where your expenses stand

Easily approve change orders online, which automatically generate accurate invoices upon approval

  • Painless Change Orders: Turn selection overages into change orders or create new ones from scratch with a few clicks.
  • Manage Fixed-price and Open-book Jobs: Regardless of your project’s financial structure, you see exactly where you stand.


Get the right selection decisions, on-time

CoConstruct keep the selections process simple, fun, and flexible while allowing for on-time decisions, accurate financials, and a solid paper trail.

  • Flexibility for Custom Projects: Bring order to the chaos of selections, but without stifling the creative flow.
  • Clearly present specs, pricing, and files in a way that you can understand.
  • Keep Builders On Track and On Time: Builders always know what choices come next, based on your schedule.
  • Save Time with Cross-feature Integration: Your choices immediately update the price, budget, and projected cost for both fixed-price and open-book projects.


Stop jumbled emails and find all of your project communication in seconds

Kiss the “he said, she said” goodbye and stop losing money from poor scheduling by having all of your communications tracked with patent-pending technology.

  • Get the Best: CoConstruct’s communication features are so good, and so unique, they’re patent pending. You simply cannot get these features anywhere else.
  • Keep Everything in One Place: Whether via web, mobile, email, or text, and whether from our team, or trades, you can see all of the communications about a particular topic on one screen.
  • Track with No Extra Effort: CoConstruct captures communications automatically about a topic, even if you’re just replying via a “normal” email.

Let Us Build Your Dreams

If you have more questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime. 503.386.7944


Get more done, on more projects, more easily

Make schedules work for you, and not the other way around. Save phone time, prevent unpleasant surprises, which cuts our completion times with scheduling software you’ll actually use.

  • Create Accountability: Alerts and reminders to our team and trades, which keeps them on track by making their lives easier, too.
  • Adjust Quickly: Shifting a task updates our team automatically.


“If the clients ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy”

We keep the joy in your business by serving happy clients who get the information they want, who have an experience they’ll love, and who catch the irresistible urge to refer others.

  • We Give You What You Want: Organized, 24/7 access to selections, costs, photos, conversations, and more keeps you happy and your phone quiet.
  • Get Better Decisions: When you’re informed you make better decisions when you can get to information in an easy-to-use format from any device.
  • Make it Easy to Refer: You can automatically share progress photos on Facebook or through email to show the project progress to to family, friends, and partners.


Get the right info, to the right people, with file & photo sharing

Whether you need to get progress photos from the field or to send along plan revisions from the architect, CoConstruct brings it all into one spot to access from your computer, phone, or tablet.

  • Stay Organized: Attach files to selections, change orders, and more to keep information in the right place.
  • Get What You Need from Anywhere: View files and upload photos on-the-go with mobile apps.


Never let your to-dos fall through the cracks

CoConstruct keeps little glitches from blowing up into big problems with drop-dead simple to-do lists from your computer, phone, and tablet.

  • Get All of Your Tasks on ONE List: All In One Place: All of our action items go in one place, so you can always see job progress.
  • Create Accountability with Reports: Notifications to team members and trades, plus advanced reporting, keeps you on top of open items.


Leave a great last impression on clients with a strong punchlist & warranty process

When you’re focused on the next project to start, how do you make sure you don’t anger your past clients with outstanding warranty items? CoConstruct won’t let you – or your trades – forget.

  • Easily Communicate with Subcontractors: Choose to loop your clients and subs into the same conversation so they can set appointment times, but you still see the communication thread.
  • Don’t Drop the Ball: Reminders and reports for your team and trades ensure you don’t forget to take care of lingering items.
  • Verify Client Satisfaction: Once you mark an item as complete, clients can confirm, so you avoid referral-killing misunderstandings.

Let Us Build Your Dreams

If you have more questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime. 503.386.7944