If you are expecting a lot of guests this holiday season, or you just want more sleeping space, we have a few tips on adding bedrooms to your house.

The holidays are a time for family and friends to get together. That can lead to some great reunions, but it also presents the problem of where everyone can sleep.

If you have guests coming to stay with you this holiday season, then the odds are that you’ll be struggling to find places for everyone. Maybe a few people can claim the couches, and maybe an air mattress is in the future of a family member or two. But if you are looking for a more permanent solution – maybe you have a new family member on the way or you just want to increase the value of your house – we have a few tips regarding adding bedrooms to your house that will help long after the holidays are over.

Build an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU)

A Few Ideas on Adding Bedrooms for the Holidays (and Beyond)

This might not be a realistic proposition for many, but if you really need some additional space for a bedroom (or anything else, for that matter), adding an ADU to your property has a lot of benefits – and some major downsides.

First, the negatives: building an ADU can be a costly endeavor. It is also a complicated process that should not be undertaken alone, even if the person considering doing the work has spent their entire life as a builder. From understanding the legalities to purchasing materials to the construction phases like plumbing and wiring that demand an expert, going it alone can be dangerous and costly. You will also need plenty of permits, which can be a nightmare if you don’t know the process.

The best option if you want to build an ADU is to hire a professional and look for contractors that have a proven track record in building ADUs. Start by working with them to determine the exact nature of the ADU. Is it solely meant as a guest structure? Will it have multiple uses? Is someone specific going to be spending a lot of time there, enough that it is a semi-permanent residence for them? What exactly do you want the ADU to look like?

How you approach each of these questions will greatly impact the end result, so seek out a professional to help you through each step.

Do a Bump Out or Extension to Your House

A Few Ideas on Adding Bedrooms for the Holidays (and Beyond)

If you want to truly increase the size of your house through a bump out, you will get more space, but you will also need to consider the overall impact.

A bump out can be very expensive, and not every house is suited to take on additional space. It should help to raise the property value, but that also means your taxes might jump significantly. And ultimately, a bump out may not end up giving you all that much additional room, while a true extension is a major project that will require a sizeable loan. In some cases, it might just be easier to shop for a new house.

With the negatives clearly stated, a bump out or extension can also make a lot of sense for certain situations.

If you have a room that is just a bit too small to be used for anything other than its original purpose – an office, for example – strategically adding a few feet could have a major impact. It would offer you the option of creating a new bedroom, which in turn would help raise your property value and it would generally just help make the most of your home.

If you love your house and intend to stay there for a long time, altering it may be the best option. If you have the space, you can conceivably continue adding on to your current home, and years from now you will look back and be glad you did.

Remodel the Basement or Attic

A Few Ideas on Adding Bedrooms for the Holidays (and Beyond)

One of the easiest ways to increase your living space is to remodel your basement and/or attic. Of course, this will only apply to those with unfinished attics and basements that are structurally sound and large enough to make it worth the effort and can, but a concrete utility basement and a large attic with exposed insulation are just ripe for a remodel.

The amount of work will vary based on the room itself, of course, but if the framework is already in place, the options are nearly endless.

Turning one or both into bedrooms will change the nature of the entire house, and can significantly increase the value. You can even design them as multi-use rooms. Attics and basements both make for great media rooms, and a futon can switch between a couch and a bed easily enough. Then when the family invades your house for the holidays, you will have a room to entertain and accommodate.

You can even use the nature of the room to your advantage and create something unique and impressive. A Basement, for example, is naturally insulated and makes for a great place to be during the peak of summer heat, plus it can be separated from the house and turned into an indipendent unit with its own entrance. An attic, meanwhile, could be equipped with windows and skylights to really exploit the natural light.

Get Creative with Existing Rooms

A Few Ideas on Adding Bedrooms for the Holidays (and Beyond)

One of the defining characteristics of a bedroom is a closest, and without that storage the room doesn’t really qualify as a bedroom. But what if you don’t need a separate storage area at all?

A growing trend for houses in need of additional storage are beds with hidden storage built into them. Rather than sliding stuff under the bed until it no longer fits, you can place a bed with hidden storage in an unused room and suddenly a closet becomes a moot point.

With a little creativity, dressers with room to hang clothes and built-in cabinets can also turn even a small space into a bedroom.

Speak to a Contractor!

If you need a little extra space, either for the holidays or just in general, speak to a contractor today and ask them what they think. You may be surprised at how options you have.