If you are looking for ways to increase your living space without spending a lot of money, we have a few tips to make your living room seem bigger.

Whether you live in a small home and want to maximize your space, or you feel like your current setup is making you a bit claustrophobic, there are plenty of ways to increase how big your living room looks that won’t necessarily take a lot of money or effort.

Through a few clever design tips, you can give the impression of a room that is larger than it might otherwise be. If you are a new homeowner or just don’t have much experience with design, it’s amazing what a few minor changes can do to alter your perspective.

If you are looking for a more permanent solution, one that physically alters the dimensions of your living room, you can always consider a true remodel. If you want something a little simpler though, you should talk to a designer.

With that in mind, we have a few tips to help make your living room seem bigger with minimal effort.

Choose Light Colors

A Few Tips to Make Your Living Room Seem Bigger

This is a simple one, but if you want to make a room seem a little bigger, painting the room with bright colors can make a huge difference. Dark colors make a room seem cozy, but brighter colors reflect light better, giving the impression of a larger room. And it isn’t just limited to the walls.

Most people don’t give much thought to their ceiling, but it can impact the perception of the room. Like the walls, the color used above your head can change how you see the room. Painting it white, or even adding light colored wallpaper can help to improve how you see the room.

The same is true of the furniture in the room, and the color of the floor. If you have hardwood floors, you may want to consider putting light colored rugs down. The same rule applies to furniture. The darker your bookcases, couches, tables, etc. are, the smaller the room will feel. Stripes can also help to expand the look of a room.

Avoid Clutter

A Few Tips to Make Your Living Room Seem Bigger

This is an obvious tip, but if you want to improve the feel of spaciousness, make more space. It’s easy to cover every inch of wall and place furniture in every available spot, but a little goes a long way. That doesn’t mean you should leave areas that are just totally empty, but there should be a balance.

For another easy tip, if you have the room to pull the furniture away from the wall, do so. If you can pull everything far enough away to create new walkways all the better, but even a few inches will help make the room feel bigger.

You should also avoid having too many small decorations placed around the living room. The more clutter in the form of knickknacks, the more distracted the eyes are when they look at the room. They do help personalize a place and give a cozy, welcoming vibe, but they can also make a room feel smaller.

Coordinate Furniture

A Few Tips to Make Your Living Room Seem Bigger

Along with the color of the furniture, if your living room is feeling cramped, you should look to your furniture and see if there are any immediate ways to change things around.

For instance, you might have a TV sitting on an entertainment stand, which is an obvious place for it, but mounting it on the wall can free up a lot of space. You can then get rid of the entertainment stand, replace it with a smaller one to hold any other electronics, or turn it into something else – maybe add some flowers to add a little color or use it as a bookshelf.

Couches and chairs with fabric that drape down to the floor and cover the legs can also make a room feel smaller. Being able to see underneath the furniture can actually make a big difference, as it lifts the room up.

You might also be able to get rid of a few bookcases and replace them with mounted shelves that are closer to the ceiling. By drawing attention up, it can make a room feel larger. Adding hidden storage – ottomans that open up or tables with lower shelves – can also help. Places like Ikea have plenty of options in that regard.

Coordinating the furniture, including the artwork, can also make a room feel bigger.

Let Windows be Windows

A Few Tips to Make Your Living Room Seem Bigger

While this may not be an option if you have neighbors with a window that looks directly into your house or you live off a crowded street, you should consider leaving your windows uncovered. Besides letting the light in, it makes the wall seem larger than if you have blinds and/or a curtain blocking off a piece of the wall. Having curtains or blinds that extend away from the wall also cut off a few inches from the overall size of the room.

If you do need a little privacy there are plenty of options that don’t block the windows, from specific types of glass to built-in shades.

Actually Make the Room Bigger

A Few Tips to Make Your Living Room Seem Bigger

While the tips above should help you make your living room feel bigger with minimal fuss, you could always consider actually increasing the size of the room through a remodel. This, of course, is a much more complicated process than simply painting your walls or moving some furniture around, but it might be the best solution for you.

And while a full remodel might be too much, there are smaller things that a contractor could do that will improve the feel of your room. Installing new windows, for instance, would require a professional, but it would be a relatively quick job with a big upside.

Whether you are considering a full remodel or you are looking for a designer to help you change the look of your house, Fleschner Construction can help! Contact us today to schedule an appointment.