COVID-19 Response

Fleschner Construction Social Distancing and Biosecurity Plan for field workers

Designated Covid-19 Workplace Coordinator/Production Manager – Aaron Robberson

Release date 03/24/2020

All Fleschner employees and all personnel coming on to job sites must abide by the following Social Distancing plan We have been mandated by State Authorities to create a plan and enforce it.

These rules WILL slow work down.  You MUST follow these directives or risk the possibility of a shutdown on a job site, or disciplinary actions.

Personal Social Distance

  • At all times, work should try to be attempted either by a solo operator, or keeping Fleschner Construction’s optimal safe distance between employees of 12 feet when possible.
  • Regular working distance is allowed to be at 6 feet with standard required jobsite PPE.
  • IF employees or subcontractors must be within 6 feet of each other to accomplish a task, work must stop, a planning meeting established on how the work will be accomplished together, then after discussion, employees must wear gloves, eye and respiratory protection. If the majority of the work is to be completed within close proximity Tyvek suits must be worn in addition to eye, respiratory and gloves. Clarification from your supervisor on what is required will be a daily planning discussion with your supervisor and approved by the “Covid-19 Workplace Coordinator”
  • Supervisors are to include in their regular scheduled daily check in with Production Manager, a short discussion of this policy and how it is being enforced. This will also be recorded in the job log along with noted violations of Subs, Vendors or employees.  This is to keep our team informed of who to pay attention to in this enforcement.
  • DO NOT SHARE- PPE, Phones or personal items. Try not to share tools.  If you must, take the standard biosecurity measures of wiping down the tool with disinfecting wipes or spray and handling with gloves.


  • A detergent solution and/or disinfecting wipes are required to be on site for spraying and wiping down of surfaces in frequent contact with multiple people. This includes doorknobs, light switches, tool box tops, surfaces, faucets and fixtures and tools as well as any other surfaces in frequent contact.  


  • Deliveries should be made outside of the “Biosecurity zone”, where they can be wiped down prior to coming in contact with personnel. This space should be designated and all delivery drivers and dispatchers should be informed of how deliveries will be received or they will be turned away.


  • When an employee leaves a job site to get materials and has interactions outside of the designated “Biosecurity Safe Zone” they must go through biosecurity measures before re-entering the zone.

Establishing the Biosecurity Zone

  • Prior to work beginning, the onsite Lead will set the biosecurity with guidance and approval from the “Workplace Coordinator” This zone will require an additional level of biosecurity to enter.
  • An ideal biosecurity zone should be a “gate” style space 12 feet from the entry of the work zone, should have a 6 foot table with sanitizing wipes, hand sanitizer/hand wash station, a trash can and a sanitizing spray solution where tools and materials can be wiped and sprayed down. (See photo)
  • A boot wash can be a trough of some sort, this can be accomplished by a shallow tray or lid from a large plastic storage box with sanitizing solution in it, and/or a disinfecting solution in a spray bottle.
  • Employees are required to spray the solution on their boots, or step through the trough before entering job sites.

    View the Fleschner Construction Bio Security & Social Distancing Plan Site Layout »


    • Enforcement will be left to job site leads and Workplace Coordinators discretion. You can be asked to leave site or terminated at their discretion if the site safety protocols are violated.
    • We can be shut down by law enforcement if we are not vigilant in taking safety seriously.

    Subcontractors/non Fleschner Personnel onsite

    • Any non-Fleschner personnel who are on site or working at or delivering to Fleschner Job Sites, MUST follow Fleschner Construction’s Social Distancing plan mandated per the Executive Order issued by Governor Kate Brown.
    • Subcontractors who cannot meet these requirements will be asked to get in compliance and understand our protocols and come onsite ready to work under these guidelines, or risk being asked to leave.

    Additional Suggested Measures:

    Follow CDC Guidelines found in below links

    • Wash Hands Thoroughly for more than 20 seconds with soapy water.
    • Do Not touch your face
    • As information comes in from varying sources, it appears that the virus can attach to and live on clothing and hair for potentially long periods of time.
    • It is highly suggested by Fleschner Construction that you shave facial hair and put a personal hygiene plan in place at home.
    • When arriving at home remove boots outside of residence, strip down your clothes and immediately put in washer machine in hot soapy water.